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Diet Trends - Diets from A to Z

diet programNEW DIET AND WEIGHT LOSS PLANS ARE POPPING UP ALL THE TIME - some are real diets many are fad diets and some are not truly diets at all. Regardless if they are at all popular we will review them right here!

Most of the diets reviewed in this website may produce favorable results and acheive weight-loss - are ALL diets good for ALL dieters? Are they even healthy? Probably NOT! The key to WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS is finding a diet plan right for YOU - one you can stick with, is healthy and produces measured results . Good luck!

apple cider vinegar diet

apple-cider-vinegar-diet Despite the lack of scientific and medical documentation, the apple cider vinegar diet as a weight loss/ diet aid has been around for ages, passed down from generation to generation. It has been touted as an all natural antioxidant as well as a natural appetite supressant... apple cider vinegar diet

cayenne pepper diet

cayenne-pepper-diet Mainly popular for the kick it gives spicy foods, The Cayenne Pepper Diet is gaining popularity as a weight loss plan due to an active ingredient that may act as an appetite suppressant... cayenne pepper diet

cookie diet

cookie-diet Dr Sanford Siegal's "Cookie" diet is the craze partialy due to it's off the wall name and strange concept... cookie diet

lemonade diet

lemonade-diet THE LEMONADE DIET - A temporary diet at best, it has been received with mixed reviews, probably due to the misleading inclusion of "Diet" in the title. This is not a typical weight loss plan based on long term diet and nutritional modification but a liquid "starvation" regimen that is similar to a colon cleanse. lemonade diet

maple syrup diet

maple-syrup-diet THE MAPLE SYRUP DIET - sometimes called The Lemon Detox diet, has been gaining popularity and a lot of interest lately. This is no doubt due to mega diva "Beyonce" reporting amazing results of the slimming effect this diet produces... Having the word "Diet" attached to the title "Maple Syrup Diet" is a bit misleading as this diet is basically a liquid fast designed to 'Cleanse the system '. Losing weight is a secondary goal when one commits to this somewhat extreme detox process… maple syrup diet

scarsdale diet

scarsdale-diet The Scarsdale diet has been around for 30 years and hasn't changed a bit. You can lose weight if you follow it to the letter, but how realistic is this low carb high protien eating plan for dieters long term? scarsdale diet

south beach diet

south-beach-dietTHE SOUTH BEACH DIET is a unique diet concept based on the "Low-Carb " concept with a few twists. This may be one of the best as well as the healthiest Low-Carb / High-Protein diets available. Dieters that may have considered the Atkins method but found it too extreme and restrictive, love the lifestyle friendly, Low -Carb /High-Protein freedom of the South Beach Diet. south beach diet

suzanne somers diet

suzanne-somers-diet THE SUZANNE SOMERS DIET is a very popular, but is all the media attention generated from the actress herself or does the somewhat confusing diet really work? Despite any real medical evidence supporting 'Somersizing', her followers highly recommend this modified low-carb diet. suzanne somers diet

zone diet

zone-diet Barry Sears, creator of 'The Zone Diet' has developed a weight-loss system which will: enhance mental productivity, delay aging and lets dieters acheive peak physical performance... Zone Diet